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Syllabus Template on Canvas

NEW! Starting Fall 2021, instructors can pull a syllabus template from Canvas Commons to add to their class's Canvas page. 

Below are detailed instructions on how to obtain the template and best use it. 

1. Log into Canvas and visit the Canvas Commons through the button located on the left-side menu (see icon below). 


2. Search for "NMSU Syllabus Template".

Screenshot of Canvas Commons with the NMSU Syllabus Template search.


3. Import/Download the template. 

Select which course(s) you would like to add the template to. The template will be imported as a Page. 

Screenshot of the Canvas Commons NMSU Syllabus Template with the Import/Download button highlighted


4. Navigate to "Pages" on the Canvas Course the syllabus template was imported to. 

The template will be added to the list of all pages for the course. The template is titled "Syllabus Template".

 Screenshot of Canvas Pages showing the Syllabus template.

5. Visit the Syllabus Template that was added to your course.

To edit the syllabus,
  • fill in or edit text located within "<" and ">"
  • text in brackets "[ text ]" is optional or will need to be adjusted to best fit your course delivery method or course type. 

Screenshot of NMSU Syllabus Template in Canvas


Adding the Syllabus Template (edited or unedited) to the pre-loaded Syllabus page.

1. View html code of the Syllabus Template page by selecting "Edit" and then the "</>" button located underneath the text box. 

NMSU Syllabus Template in Canvas screenshot with the html code (</>) highlighted.

2. Copy the HTML Code.

It is important to copy the HTML code to maintain the formatting. 

Screenshot of the Syllabus Template in Canvas' html code.

3. Open the Syllabus page and select "Edit".

Screen shot of Course Syllabus page with the Syllabus menu option highlighted.

4. Open the HTML editor by selecting the "</>" button located under the text box.

Screenshot of Course Syllabus html editor

5. Paste the HTML code from the page. You can then return to the text editor by selecting the "</>" button again.

Do not forget to press "Update Syllabus" to save your changes and to publish to your course when you are ready.