Navigate & the Faculty Role in Student Success


At its, core Navigate is a retention and persistence tool designed to help NMSU support our students on their journey towards graduation. Providing increased ability to communicate with students, access to data analytics, coordinated ways to partner across the university, and more targeted student interventions. Navigate creates a connected and coordinated network of support across campus for every undergraduate student, enabling targeted interventions and proactive outreach. Once fully implemented Navigate will help facilitate a holistic approach to supporting our students across the NMSU system. Creating one large student record with student information, appointment scheduling, campus resource referrals, early alerts, and data analysis to help inform our practice. Navigate is composed of three main components:

  • Intelligence: Unlock the power of data analytics, bringing real-time insights and student success management intelligence to administrators and leaders. 

  • Strategic Care: Create a connected and coordinated network of support for every student, enabling targeted intervention and proactive, strategic care. 

  • Smart Guidance: Provide crated smart guidance at the most pivotal moments students encounter in college using the following capability sets: 

    • Milestone Guidance: Delivers tailored, ongoing support via a dynamic mobile and desktop platform to help students succeed. 

    • Academic Planning: Provides students and advisors a platform to develop an interactive academic plan toward graduation.

Navigate is still in phase one implementation and more information will be shared with the campus as services and units are brought online. Our goal is to have trained staff, faculty, and administrators working together within the tool.